Geneva Baseball Umpires Association
      Iss states: "the use of ppp rates is a valid tool when comparing macroeconomic data, such as gdp, between countries at different stages of development. viagra questions for doctor However, no specific ppp rate exists for the military sector, and its use for this purpose should be treated with caution. does women use viagra Furthermore, there is no definitive guide as to which elements of military spending should be calculated using the limited ppp rates available. online pharmacy generic viagra " it is presumably for this reason that in its "comparative defence statistics" analysis, iiss does not employ the ppp factor for comparing defense budgets across countries. The ppp comparison also reminds one of a bizarre analytical technique the cold war era intelligence community used when comparing us defense spending to that of the soviet union. To size the overall soviet defense budget, an assumption was made, for example, to cost soviet tanks, such as the t-72, as the cost equivalent of american tanks, such as the m-1, notwithstanding the fact that the american tank was far more complex and therefore much more expensive than the t-72. mechanism of action of the drugs viagra and viagra Thus, with the soviets producing tanks in greater numbers than the us, the soviet defense budget was counted as far larger than it actually was. cheapest viagra pills It was threat inflation masked behind contrived budget analysis, and it was quite notorious to all, except those who welcomed the budget/threat inflation for bureaucratic or political reasons. The iiss description of its ppp analysis talks about adjusting for the cost of labor and materials in different countries and hints of an analytical technique vaguely like this discredited cold war method; so the iiss admonition that its own ppp analysis "should be treated with caution" for the purpose of comparing military spending is an admonition that should be respected. If iiss did not use it for its comparative analysis, it seems reasonable for others to avoid it as well. viagra questions for doctor All that said, what do the iiss numbers show? viagra questions for doctor The first figure compares officially reported (and incomplete) us defense spending for 2011 ($739. 3 billion) to the rest of the top ten defense spenders (also as officially reported): they are china, the uk, france, japan, russia, saudi arabia, germany, india and brazil--in that order. viagra sales canada See the budget numbers at the link: note that not one breaks the $100 billion threshold, let alone coming anywhere close to the us. viagra without a doctor prescription Added all together, the nine come to roughly two. order viagra online buy generic viagra online Geneva Chapter of the  NYSBUA
President: Greg Donk

Vice President: Greg Fiorilla

Secretary: Steve Verbridge

Interpreter: Ed Leisenring

Treasurer: Mark Griffin
Serving the NYS Section V Leagues:  Wayne County, Finger Lakes West & East